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World Art Awards

    1st Place – The Best Contemporary Artwork in the USA

    June 27, 2023. Los Angeles. Artists from 79 countries competed in the 2023 WORLD ART AWARDS where 20 of the most revered galleries in the world are sent online images to score in drawing, painting, sculpture, digital and photography. The 300+ winning works, 1st to 6th Place (and ties) in all 50 categories, will be featured in an upcoming movie and 75 articles. The six cash prizes of arguably the most prestigious online art competition in the world go to fine artists in USA, India, Slovakia and China, winning in oil, acrylic, graphite and phosphorescent mediums. “World Art Awards levels the playing field, so all artists have an equal opportunity,” explains Thom Bierdz, president of World Art Awards, American Art Awards, and creator of the 100 Blue-X paintings. “This is why we only send the voting galleries and museums the artwork images, titles, sizes and mediums used. No photos of the artists or bios are allowed. It’s all about initial impact. However, if a gallery is so enamored with a piece, they are free to click on the artist’s web site link and contact them for representation.”

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